December 2nd, 2014

Hej, Pandor!

Igår kväll råkade jag träffa på ett monster … men var inte rädd! Det är ett mycket trevlig monster – närmare bestämt, det är ett gosigt monster. Hans namn är Krunchi!

Krunchi är ett gosigt monster av en särskild typ, han bor på sin egen ö i Stilla havet. Men ingen bryr sig om honom där borta, så han reste till Panfu för att tillbringa sin semester här. Han hade nämligen hört talas om oss Pandor, och ville lära känna oss.

Krunchi behöver någon som kommer att mata och rengöra honom regelbundet, leka med honom och lägga honom till sängs på kvällen. Tråkigt nog, har jag inte någon tid just nu, eftersom jag måste ta hand om min senaste skapelse av fettfria bio-alger …

Men behöver jag säga något mer? Logga bara in på Panfu och besök mig på stranden, och då kommer du att kunna lära känna Krunchi personligen.

Och om du gillar Krunchi, kan du ha den med dig hemma och på resande fot på alla smartphones och surfplattor. Här kan du ta reda på mer tillsammans med dina föräldrar: Google Play Store och App Store

Så, Pandor – vi ses snart. Jag väntar på er på stranden…

Er Bruno

Max and Ella on Tour

May 14th, 2014

Hiya Pandas,

How’s it going? Summer seems to be creeping closer only slowly this year. I couldn’t even sunbathe last week.

Me either. But I still bought a big bunch of ice lollies for the hot weather. I can put them all in the tub and take a bath in them…

Max, we’re talking about ice cream here!

Yup, I know – chocolate and strawberry.

But you can’t just lie in a tub full of ice cream?!

It’s lovely to relax and have some ice cream lying down somewhere! And I won’t overheat, either…

Typical Max, he he…

Pandas, Max and I wanted to tell you that we’re set to go travelling. We’re going to Brazil and we’ll stay there for a while. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from us – Brazil and its rain forests are gigantic, so we’ll probably be cut off from the outside world for days or even weeks on end.

I hope I won’t get lost again…

Don’t worry, Max – this time I’ll be with you and I’ll bring a compass and a map, too. No need to worry at all…
Max, what’s that gloopy stuff dripping from your suitcase? Did you put all your ice cream in there? Really??

Ah Ella, don’t be like that. I’ll need it on the flight to Brazil and it’s supposed to be really hot there at the moment…

Max, Max, Max…you really are a handful…
We have to get going. Our plane is leaving in a bit. Otherwise we’ll have to swim to Brazil…

Take care, Pandas!

Paws up for Panfu,

Ella and Max

Sweet Tooth

March 12th, 2014

Howdy Pandas,

Have you figured out what’s up with the mysterious call at the Beauty Salon yet? Ella and I were so close, but then we totally messed up.

I’m a bit embarrassed to talk about this, but…we ate all of Kamaria’s homemade cookies! There, I’ve said it… :oops:

We only really wanted to have a taste. But then it was so yummy, we thought ‘Ah, a second one won’t hurt”…

…and a third. Before we knew it, all the cookies were gone. We really feel bad about it and our tummies hurt, too. :(

Kamaria was really mad when she found out. She will have to get together all ingredients again before she can make more cookies. I hope it won’t be too late by then!

Is there something you can’t get enough of? Chocolate chip cookies or pancakes maybe?

Paws up for Panfu,

Ella and Max

Return of a mysterious quest

March 4th, 2014

Listen up, Pandas! I have an important message for you: Panfu is in danger! At least I think it is…

Are you sure??? :shock:

Yes!! No! Not really :???: …I was at the Beauty Salon, relaxing a bit today, when I overheard a very mysterious conversation. I was minding my own business, slices of cucumbers on my eyes, when I suddenly heard a shrill noise. Rrrrrrrring Rrrring. The phone! It wouldn’t stop ringing!! Nobody seemed to want to answer the phone at first, but when I was just about to pick the cucumber off my face, someone finally picked up.

Here’s what the Panda working at the Beauty Salon said:
„What do you mean, I wanted it this way??…Wh-wh-who are you? I think you have the wrong number. There’s nothing dangerous about the Beauty Salon!! Well, maybe if you’re on the tanning bed for too long…mmmmh yeah, there’s a suitcase here. Why?…Chocolate cookies?…But, but…I can’t bake!!!…Ah, you will call again tomorrow…heeeeelllo! Are you there??? Heeeellllooo!”

Ella, that sounds really dangerous!! And it’s somehow familiar, too…

I also thought it rang a bell. I kept racking my brain…but then it came to me: It’s the beginning of the quest “A mysterious call”.

Yaaay, we can play the quest again soon! Judging by the phone call, probably from tomorrow :) Make sure you check your Quest Book if you want to do something cool tomorrow.

Max and Ella

P.S. If you’re on the lookout for some spring decoration, keep checking the Surprise Machine this week! There’s a floor pillow in the shape of a water lily to be had. Lovely!

Time for new hats!

March 2nd, 2014

Hiya Pandas,

How are you? Are you enjoying the spring-like weather? Luckily we haven’t really had a long winter this year. The snow on Panfu has melted already, too.

Yay, spring is around the corner!

In some places, spring has already sprung. I keep seeing the first few spring flowers in some gardens. Have you noticed them? My Pokopets are also feeling happier and want to go out for walks a lot more. :)

You should still be careful not to underestimate the current temperatures – you can get sick quite easily in these fresh temperatures. Don’t forget your hats! Just make sure your ears are warm. Lili has knit super cool hats that I can present you very exclusively today.

Cat Hats – Miaow!

Nightcaps – not only for sleepy heads! ;)

Classics – they go with just about anything!

The cool ones – with a message!

Do you know what YOLO and SWAG mean? That’s what it says on the two hats I like most. But before I put them on, I want to make sure I won’t embarrass myself. :roll:

Paws up for Panfu!
and Ella

New Player Card Backgrounds

February 21st, 2014

Hello Pandas,

New backgrounds for your Player Card are available :) Take a look:

Make your Player Card match your mood and pick between awesome stickers, a Pokopet race track, drums, the beach or a nerdtastic background ;)

Well, I feel like drumming today. BOOOM!! :mrgreen:

Um, I think I’ll head to the Pokopet race track. It’ll be a lot less noisy there. Here’s a tip for all Pandas who have problems with the puzzle in the Bigfoot quest. To make it a bit easier for you, I’ll show you what the picture is supposed to look like once you have solved the puzzle:


Keep on puzzling!

Your Ella and your Max

P.S. You can get the Player Card backgrounds from the Clothes Catalogue.

We’ll Help You, Bigfoot!

February 17th, 2014


Soo…have you fed Bigfoot yet? Tssss…I didn’t think he wouldn’t eat raw fish. Even when he’s close to starving, he won’t touch raw fish! Tsss…I actually had to ask Bruno to make fish fingers. But before he could do that, he had to make 20 portions of his famous fat free fries – for a birthday party…

That took ages…and then the door! I had totally forgotten how much it takes to open that thing.

You mean you’d forgotten that you need a key from Kamaria to open it :roll: But Max doesn’t listen to me. Instead, he’s been pulling at that door for days, hoping to open it with sheer force. Well, try eating more spinach then ;)

…after about 2 hours, I didn’t want to hang around anymore and went to solve the puzzle. I might even help Max, if he weren’t so stubborn…

Fiiiine. But I’m only doing it so I can protect you during the quest :mrgreen: Have you guys solved the puzzle yet?

Paws up for Panfu,

Max and Ella